Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Pittsburgh Weekend

Well St. Patrick's Day (aka baby brother's birthday) fell on a weekend this year, so OF COURSE we had to do things properly and go to Pittsburgh to celebrate his special day and one of our favorite holidays! The Mayer parents also do an annual bus trip to the casino in Pittsburgh for St. Patty's Day with their Elks Lodge, so it was all sorts of fun with family and friends.

Our beloved bday boy!

The original crew, dressed and ready to go!

Jason and Michael at the Tilted Kilt...think Hooters but Irish themed

Guess who didn't get his beer order in (my favorite pict of the day!)

Of course there had to be car bombs

Mayer Brothers

Sage older brother bestowing words of wisdom to the wee one....I am sure it was about beer

The Mayer Boys

Pam, me, Tammy, and Dar

Plus Johnna and Kathy!

Bday cake at Jerome Bettis Restaurant (36 was Bettis' jersey number)
Michael's only 27...

All of the troublesome boys

Bart and his Mayer girls

Adam and his other blondes