Wednesday, October 4, 2017

USA: Our DC Crew!

After an wonderful time spanning NH and PA, it was time to start the journey back to the UAE.
Adam was in much of need to recharge with the DC crew than I was upon arrival, and he was blessed with just that. We were epically blessed to have met such incredible people while living and working in the UAE. While we are some of the few remaining here, most having returned to the US, the bonds that we have established have continued. Seriously, the most amazing of people, and we consider them family. Truly, family.

While most moved back to the DC area, there were a smattering of others across the US, but there was a massive reunion this amazing weekend, when Allison and Carmen flew in to enjoy the reunion festivities!
Everyone, before I even get started on this...THANK YOU.

For having come into our lives, having remained in our lives, and for being the epically wonderful and amazing people that you are. To the Greenhalghs for hosting/housing us, Carmen, and Allison in your gorgeous new townhouse, for Elena and newborn Noah for venturing out for/with us, and Chris and Sara for bounding out. Johan, you truly missed out and were missed.

Besides the hours of 0100-0600 on the departure Sunday, we all spend almost 24 hours together.
Friends. Family. Non-distinctive.
One of my most favorite quotes that I whole-heartedly believe in:

Friends are the family that you choose.

My MUCH beloved Greenhalghs <3

Noah: The newest amazingness in my life!

Abu Dhabi Family for Life!

She loves me SO much! Dave is a bit concerned.

Allison: My "sista from another mista"

Rosewood Family adoptees sandwiched in by Adam and Elena!

My husband, Dave's wife, and Elena & Johan's son...FAMILY

ROSEWOOD LADIES and an overly tall table!

Allison and Dave: Time for some friendly cornhole competition!

Adam and Chris: The cornhole competition!

Disco Taxi! The most random Ubers of them all!

And so begins the crash of an epically awesome day!

Final day rally and amalgamation. From here we left to pick up our bags and head to the airport.
Dear taxi driver: I am sorry, NOT sorry.

Tuesday, October 3, 2017

USA: A Pennsylvania Wedding!!!!

The entire purpose of our trip: THE MAYER WEDDING!
The day finally came for Michael and Johnna to tie the knot, and I was beyond excited!
Seriously, I semi-apologize to anyone who had to deal with overly-excited and giddy me that day, I know that it can be a bit much! Oh, but what a wonderful reason to be SO much!
It truly was a whirlwind of hair getting done, wedding attire getting pressed, and then most of the wedding pictures with the professional photographer were before the wedding.

My greatest bragging rights: I was the date of the Best Man there <3

The not-so-professional pictures, but some of my favorites:

My and Amy (sister-in-law of all things awesome!)

Me and my stud-ly date!

Alyshia and me, finally hanging out after WAY too long!

And now from the people at the wedding who actually know what to do with a camera:

My gorgeous parent-in-laws

Glad that I nailed this down early!

From this point forward, I was crying.
I had FOUR different people hand me tissues.

*SOBS* of joy

One of my favoritest pictures from the day!

A VERY excited first row (and a fistful of wet tissues!)!

Michael and Mom Mayer

The Mayer Parents and "the baby" of the Mayer clan

Now the Mayer ladies outnumber the Mayer men!

Our Mayer Clan

Best man speech: It was perfect! Not that I am biased or anything. I totally am. But it was.

Brotherly love <3

The Adams Cousins

The Adams Cousins with the partners

Mayer Cousins (Oh Johnna...the blinking!)


Love looking at my dance partner

The Mayer Men are a handsome bunch!

Mom Mayer and her second favorite child

Adam and is now "other" sister...sorry Amy, you now have competition!