Monday, October 2, 2017

USA: A Pennsylvania Wedding Rehearsal

I love being married.

Seriously, I LOVE being married.

I love love, I love Adam, and I love being in love with and married to him.
Being a bit biased, I think that marriage is the absolute greatest thing the world (not that is it always easy or ever perfect, but it is always worth it!). This is why I am a HUGE fan of weddings; wanting everyone to know and share this level of happiness and connection with someone. And then you combine a wedding with some of my favorite people on the planet, and you are going to get a WHOLE LOT of giddiness, and bragging, and posting from me about it!
And when that person is my baby brother, well, you get to hear and see all about it <3

*Bragging rights!*

Mayer Brothers: The persistent game of who's taller?
The groom and his best man!

The wedding venue was Bedford Spring Resort in southern PA, and you could not ask for a more beautiful setting! We arrived early to have a wonderful lunch with Adam's college roommate Matt, drop off alcohol for the wedding reception, and get settled in for a wonderful weekend ahead.

First though, comes the wedding rehearsal and dinner.
I may or may not have been teary the entire time...

Johnna and Michael <3

Johnna and Michael <3

Future spouses and the groomsmen

Future spouses and the bridal party

Rehearsal dinner time!

Michael getting advised by his future father-in-law