Sunday, October 1, 2017

USA: Pennsylvania

After a whirlwind trip of flying from NH to BWI, picking up a rental car and driving from BWI to Dulles on a holiday weekend of DC Beltway traffic, I picked up Adam from Dulles, we both ended the day in Johnstown, PA.

The ultimate purpose for the ENTIRE trip to the US was for Adam's brother's much anticipated wedding. Adam only had enough time for the wedding itself, so his trip was limited to the PA portion and a little bit of DC on the return to Abu Dhabi. Much like I did for NH, we optimized every moment possible to catch up with friends and family.

Shockingly enough, this was my first trip back to Pennsylvania since moving to Abu Dhabi in early 2014!

Amy loves when Adam is home! I think... Maybe?

Unfortunately for Adam, much of his all-to-short-trip was spent in constant battle with jetlag, but he weathered it like a champ. Those "quiet moments" were maximally utilized! Also, Adam's parents were fresh back from a massive trip to Alaska, only returning about 12 hours before we arrived, so the entire Mayer clan was fighting the good fight!

How Mayer men watch TV in the afternoon <3

YAY! Time with Shawna and FINALLY meeting her new husband Tim!!!!

What is a visit to Johnstown without stopping by the Elks? I always lose Adam to Bart <3

And still, men in PA "need" to go to camp annually to hunt? This is the backyard on a daily basis....

Dad Mayer and I shutting down the night, with everyone else already long gone to bed

Thank you for the Johnstown friends and family that were able to fit us in, that we would not be seeing at the wedding. We are grateful for the time that we were able to share with you, and it is nice to see how many true things do just pick right back up where they left off.


Next stop: Wedding Rehearsal and actual Wedding Festivities!!!!