Saturday, September 30, 2017

USA: Hello New Hampshire!

With the blurring of days, it was time to leave DC/MD and venture on to NH to see my parents, family, and catch up with my "home" life. I was also fortunate that some of the Pennock clan would be joining me for part of it and my Aunt Elaine was flying in from Texas for the week. While my parents did get me, they also got a wonderfully full house! It was so wonderful, once again, for family and friends to combine, and I was able to thoroughly enjoy my worlds colliding!

Festival time in Concord

Home Sweet Home

My parents house is in the middle of nowhere, and especially now (definitely not so much while in high school and such) I absolutely love the escape of it. No cell service, no traffic, no noise from neighbors, just pure and unadulterated quite and serenity. Also, the lack of light pollution allows for incredible stargazing.

Hello Mother Nature, you are missed!

Days were filled with quiet mornings (cheers to being wide awake and going at 0530!)  with my parents while other guests slept until a more reasonable hours. And then the wonderful camaraderie of genuinely good company enjoying each other, with a mix of good food, libations, and exploring the area.

Wild strawberry picking was the hardest thing I did today

Qbaby/toddler loves wild strawberries!

Maia...our beloved kitty who is angry at us every time we make an appearance. Thankful to my parents for keeping her <3

Lake time: Enjoying a lazy day at the beach with Sarah and Q!

Incredibly enough, for having moved to NH in 1990, I had NEVER been to the summit of Mt. Washington. I had seen in plenty of times, driving by, or as a sight from the peak of our favorite ski areas, but we decided that it was a great time to go with so many out-of-town visitors. the White Mountains we went!

Road trip!

Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington

Mt. Washington

Atop Mt. Washington

Qbaby/toddler love! He is a huge fan of the "selfie"

Girls day out! And stopping for cheesecake, obviously!

Sisters <3 Cleaning up after a wonderful meal making us all fat and happy <3

Family breakfast at Panera, as I need to get my chai tea latte fix

This is where I am from. My parent place is actually in the beautiful, for certain parts of the year!

Cheers everyone, from me and Aunt Elaine!

Hoisington cousins: Awesome dinner out!

Family toast!

My family is the greatest, seriously!

Hibiscus cider? Yes, please, and thank you!
Meeting Rosie and catching up with Dani <3 

The bluest of blue, and greenest of green...I haven't experienced this in all too long

It was a week full of love and laughter, great company, wonderful food, and solid quenching of a soul. I don't care how old you get, there is something about a mom's love and care, and your parent's home, that just soothes and makes everything calm and amazing.