Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hoisington Parents and Aunt Elaine Come to Town!

This weekend was eagerly anticipated for MONTHS and MONTHS! Adam and I went to Texas twice last year to see my mom's side of the family, with my parents joining us for the second trip, but it simply wasn't enough. Early last spring both parties booked tickets to come see us in Maryland! It was my Aunt's first trip to the region ever, so we had to make sure she saw it ALL. It was an absolutely packed itinerary, but the most amazing of times.
The first evening filled with a wonderful family dinner, followed by a venture to the MD Live! Casino and  The Cheesecake Factory for dessert. Stopping at the Factory is starting to become a tradition each time my parents visit, as we lived within a mile of one in Baltimore and within half a mile of one at our current apartment. It was also Aunt Elaine first ever visit to a casino, and it being a Friday night meant it was absolutely packed and busy, so it was quite the sight to see. We tried our hand at a few slot machines and came away poorer than we started.
Saturday we were all up bright and early, eager to get the weekend going and spending time together. We took everyone down into DC for the day, as Aunt Elaine had never been and my dad hadn't see it since he was stationed at Aberdeen 35 years ago. It was the first time on a Metro/subway for both my dad and aunt, so that was fun. We broke mom in last year.
My dad and Aunt Elaine's first Metro ride EVER

We then traversed all around the National Mall, hitting up all of the major sites. It was the most absolutely beautiful day to be doing this, nice and sunny with temps in the mid-70s. The day was meant to be spent outside.

Haliburton sisters at the White House

American Red Cross

WWII Memorial

My incredibly cute parents

Hello husband

Reading the WWII Memorial

Some of my favoritest people in the world

Just the girls!

NH represents!

Hawaiian souls

National Reflecting Pool, to the Lincoln Memorial we go!

Aunt Elaine climbing the Lincoln Memorial

Vietnam Memorial 

Vietnam Memorial 

Korean Memorial

We then returned home to begin preparing for the festivities of the evening ahead. My Uncle Neal, cousin Jason, and his girlfriend Kayla were join us for dinner. In honor of the gorgeous day that Mother Nature blessed us with, we move the celebration out to the patio. It was an evening filled with ample love and laughter, delicious food, and free flowing libations. I also go Kayla hooked on my ginger beer, so I was SO excited that someone else likes my brew! You could not have asked for or planned a more wonderful evening.

Sisterly love

Cousin Jason and his AWESOME gf Kayla

My parents are amazing

My family is amazing...dinner on the patio

Aunt Elaine and Uncle Neal

Jason and Uncle Neal 

Haha...my parents and Jason

Yep, I am the old cousin....

Ever since we took him 2 years ago, my dad had been set on returning to the Maryland Renaissance Fair. Adam and I make sure to attend yearly, as it is such a good time of tasty treats, amusing shows and talent, and THE BEST people watching. So, of course, this was on our itinerary to attend.

Adam beating the gamer at the MD RenFest

My man is happy with a turkey leg and mead

Enjoying some fine medieval fighting and human chess

My hat protects us all from the sun

Mom and Aunt Elaine

After 5 hours there, we were ALL exhausted, having been running all weekend. We returned to the apartment to spend a wonderful final evening relaxing together, enjoying the remnants of each other's company until next time. This was one of those completely perfect weekends where everything was amazing.