Saturday, October 26, 2013

London: Tour of the City Center

Since our second day in London was spent out on the outskirts, we opted to see some of the sites that the downtown held. You know, the touristy ones that you hear about. The Steelers game was not until much later in the day, so we donned our gear and made out way out into the crowds. As cool as the sights were, the cheers or boos that our Steelers garb yielded was the best part of it! The post of the actual game will be next...there was just too much to jam into a single post.

London childhood expected more...falling down?

Indoor outdoors, loved the structure

There is a long walkway, "The Queen's Walk", that runs along the River Thames that will connect you to all of the historic bridges, give you a wonderful view of the historic mixed with modern skyline, though busy, it was really nice to stroll along.

Go Steelers and Tower of London


Tower Bridge = very awesome

Panorama of downtown

The Tower of London was the one London "touristy" thing that we were both excited for and willing to pay entry for. It was COMPLETELY WORTH IT. The crown jewels are also housed here, but we did not really care to see them and avoided standing in the really long line to do so. I thought  the armory and torture rooms were absolutely facilitating. There are tours around the property or you can just read your way through. Everything below is within its walls.

Trebuchet anyone? 

We will end up walking stairs like this M A N Y times

I definitely annoyed him for this pict

Make sure to read the explaination 

The thanks.