Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scotland: Playing with the Birds of Prey

If you are not a fan of birds of prey or falconry, or anything along those lines, you will want to skip this post. It is purely dedicated to the Birds of Prey experience at Dalhousie Castle. If you are interested, be prepared for one of our AWESOMEST experiences of the entire trip. Well worth the time and money. Adam was a kid in a candy store. The birds were SO impressive. Make sure to scroll to the bottom, I have posted a view videos of the experience.
This is offered at the Dalhousie Castle, but is it's own family run business (a woman and her daughter, how awesome is that!?!!?). We got there at opening, so we were able to partake in the opening of the bird houses, watch them all get examined and weighed, and then put out for the day. This allowed us to learn about each of the birds, their unique personalities, and their species dynamics. SO AWESOME. After this was all done (you know, watching them do all of the work), we were able to take the birds out to fly. Again, SO INCREDIBLE AWESOME.

Intimidating right?

Adam's new BFF...seriously, it was love at first sight.

My very feisty friend.

Harris hawks

My favorite, too new to interact with, he was still "wild"

Enjoying the rain

The infamous Jake

If you have watched a recent British movie or TV show, and there was a raven in it, it was probably this bird. He is incredible smart and well trained. He even communicates. It is incredible, and he is ornery and hilarious!

Adam and Dolly

Adam getting bonding time in

For your viewing pleasure, everything below are videos:

The moral of the story is: DO THIS, DO THIS, DO THIS!