Thursday, May 1, 2014

Easter Festivities

Easter in Johnstown has always been a tradition for us while we are on the East Coast because the Mayer/Adams/Hagerich clan really get into Easter AND it is always Amy's birthday. Who wouldn't want to celebrate such a wonderful day!?!?! Sadly our weekend was devoid of Adam (Abu Dhabi), Mike (had to work), and Johnna (her parents), so it just left me, Mom Mayer, and Michael...but you know what, we made an awesome time of it!
Saturday we dyed Easter eggs (my first time, to everyone's complete astonishment) and then joined Aunt Midge at her assisted living facility for dinner.

We made pretty eggs

Mumma and her baby...age old tradition

Sunday was of course Easter Mass followed by a fantastic meal at the Hagerich house...YAY! Always an awesome time. Sadly, I couldn't stick around too long, due to the long drive back, and the need to work on my research. I was able to get Adam on Google video while we were out there, so he was able to see and hear from everyone on the holiday, so that was really nice. Everyone was so surprised and excited, I LOVE TECHNOLOGY.  These 6 weeks that he has been gone (and 34 days remaining) have made me a techno lover, forever and ever.

Me and Uncle Matt

Michael and Aunt Lisa

Tab, Aunt Teri, Tasha, and Greyson


Michael, Ryan, Brandon, and Uncle Matt

Aunt Lisa, Uncle Kevin, Kayla, and Aunt Teri

Tab and the Juniata-ians: Kara and Brett

Janell, Morgan, Aunt Marlene, Becca, and Clerissa

The party plus me and Darlene!

Aunt Teri showcasing the glorious feast!


Siblings Love

Sibling antics

Cousin crew: I stand in for Adam

Aunt Mar "Make a face"