Friday, October 24, 2014

Turkey: Sunrise Hot Air Balloon Ride

What better reason to wake up well before the sun graces the sky than to go on a hot air balloon ride through the beautiful landscape of Cappadocia! There isn't much to say in this post, as it is explanatory, but it was an absolutely incredible experience. Watching the sun come up over the horizon of such a picturesque setting and then getting such a unique vantage point of it by floating through all of the mountain passages. It was indescribable.

Inflating the ballon

It was a chilly start to the day

We weren't the only ones awaiting a morning flight

Wicked excited for our first hot air balloon ride!!!

They start to take flight

A miscalculation in landing brought us to the middle of a "grape garden" (i.e. what they call vineyards)

Balloon shadow

We were so sad to see the balloon coming down, it was such a thrilling ride. Honestly, I could have stayed up there ALL day. We love being in the water and we love being in the air, and life on land is pretty damn awesome.