Sunday, March 15, 2015

Cambodia: Palaces, Museums, & Killing Fields

This day really had emotions ALL over the place. From the impressive architecture and opulence of a palace that has an entire floor made of pure silver filled with thousands of pure gold and silver trinkets, in a country whose population is so poor, to some of the killing fields from the Khmer Rouge (click for a history if you don't know what I am talking about).

The day started at the Royal Palace in Phnom Penh. It really is an impressive and beautiful sight, with the bright colors and unique architecture.


So one thing that has been happening to us while we've been traveling in Asia....everyone is FASCINATED by Adam's red hair and even more so by his giant red beard. I cannot even keep track how often he is asked why he dyes his hair and beard on our trip anymore. They just cannot believe that it is a natural hair color. Well, this moment was the funniest incident thus far. I came around a corner from taking some pictures to find Adam posing with some Asian girls.  He apparently had just been sitting there for a rest when they approached him and asked to take some picture with him. They were there for a few minutes, both taking their turns with him, different shots and MANY different pictures. I am just waiting until we come across some random picture of him on the internet with different asians!

The National Museum in Phnom Penh.

While the palace and museum are interesting, I would not spend more than 45 minutes at either locations. You can see everything that both of these places have in this time, and allot more for better places.

About 30 minutes outside (by tuk-tuk) of Phnom Penh is one of the larger "killing fields" in Cambodia. The feeling that you get here is much like the feeling you get at the Holocaust Museum in DC or the Holocaust or WWII sites in Germany, sickening and saddening, but important to acknowledge and remember. This is one of the "must visit" sites of the trip, and I would plan for an entire afternoon. With the cost of entry, you get an individual audio tour to walk you through the entire experience and it is extraordinarily well done.

Bracelets left behind by those who will never forget

The site is surrounded by operational farms

You can definitely tell where the mass grave were

Yes, we found bones, so sombering

Never forget