Friday, May 8, 2015

Sir Bani Yas Island, UAE

After a very long few months of me working 60-70 hour weeks, we were heading into "travel" season starting with my one week of "home leave" back to see my parents in the US. Knowing that, we opted for a quick weekend get away to just focus on each other and giving ourselves a moment to take a deep breath without the ability of filling time with the never ending list of life's errands.

You would think from all of our travels that we would be rested from these "vacations", but that is not how we roll. Our adventures are maximized with activities and exploration, often leaving us more tired than we were before we the most wonderful ways! Definitely not complaining, just explaining why an amazing weekend like this was so desperately needed.
Sir Bani Yas Island is one of those places that is JUST PERFECT for this exact purpose. It was a 4 hour drive, 20 minute ferry, and 10 minute tour bus ride away from Abu Dhabi.

You can read more about the island and its history HERE and check out its website HERE. It is *definintely* worth a trip if you are in the UAE for more than a week and have already explored Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

The Island is being leased to Anantara, who are always incredible hosts.

Heading on one trip, plotting for future ones

Approaching the island

Love the Arabian-themed lobby

Me and my moment of zen

Exploring some of the tide pools

Exploring the grounds

Good morning view

The island has a plethora of animals that the Sheikh has brought in a few decades previous when this was his island escape. It has now evolved into a wildlife refuge and the resort offers "safari" excursions to explore it. Of course we signed up for the first tour of the day!

Excited to head out for the safari!!!!!

Sand dhabi (dhabi = deer)

Darwin winner = Survival of the fittest

The mountains

Really awesome cloud cover

Evening walk exploring the island

Zoom in on one of the beaches

Bani Yas *LOVE*