Monday, May 16, 2016

A Life of Love

We are truly blessed with a few incredible people that fill our lives.
The kind of people that put their own life on hold, are available at all hours for anything, and are truly absolutely THERE for you.

As wonderful as traveling and the freedom of living and going wherever we want is, it knowing that we have a solid group of family and friends to turn to that makes anywhere/everywhere feel like home.

Pieces of my heart lay all over the world now and I am truly grateful for that.

To all of you. Thank you. For you.
For everything.

Rosewood Family and the Reem adoptees

The bromance

The love

The Annual Mayer Thanksgiving came to pass. It was fabulous jamming over 30 people into our apartment and sharing the smorgasbord of traditional faire contributed by all attendees.

Debbie and Chris sandwich

Lovely Rosewood Ladies

The A-team

And then I got to sneak away to Zurich for a few days to spend time with my Roomie Nora.

Roomies for Life <3 my Nora

Our daily sunset view

New Year's Eve

Rosewood Ladies

Toasting in 2016 was bittersweet. While I was more than happy to put many parts of 2015 behind me and start afresh, I was not looking forward to the farewells that were to come.

Final drinks with the McGoverns ;)

Beloved Greenhalghs

Can you find Debbie?

Crushing a 5k

One of the big work projects, that I spent the better part of a year on, was organizing the first Pediatric-dedicated nursing conference for the Emirate and it came to fruition in February. It was a 3 full-day event of speakers and received high accolades.

Almost a decade of friendship, love our Pennock crew

Qbaby Love

10k crushing

Post-10k Shake Shack reward

Comic Con
I married this man

Christopher Lloyd!!!!

Night in with the boys

Did I mention that we are taking dance lessons? Oh hell yeah, it's a beautiful disaster trying to teach me grace and balance, but it really is going well!

Dance Studio Party

And then there was the 36 hour trip to the US to kidnap my parents to the Middle East. I was able to spend some time with a few of my favorites <3

Uncle Steve and Aunt Gretchen

Aunt Rita and Uncle Pete

Liz and my Mom

My Boston People: Liz and Rick

My incredible parents

Uncle Neal, so glad he made exceptional efforts to ensure our paths crossed in the brief time that I was stateside

Obviously, Adam needs to do a better job of taking pictures of family and friends when he is back in PA, because their pictorial presence is lacking in this blog between September and now, but most certainly NOT in life. That being said, the Mayer/Adams clan needs to work on getting their butts out here to visit (Ahem...HINT!).

I am grateful with every fiber of my being for the amazingness that you all fill my/our life/lives with.
I am also extremely thankful for the technological options available to keep everyone feeling so close and connected. A big toast to WhatsApp, Google Chat, Skype, Facebook, and all the archaic method of email. No where is really that far.