Monday, November 21, 2016

Hungary: Budapest- From Pest to Buda

It is finally time to cross the Danube River!
While Budapest is two split cities, Pest really does have most of the "stuff" going on, so it took us a few days until we crossed over to the Buda side. It should not have taken us this long, and we should have paid more attention to time be discussed below.

But to start: A beautiful morning for a wonderful walk with my amazing husband.

Our goal destination is that museum on the hill!

The inclined plane to get to the museum

The inclined plane was closed for repairs on this day.
No worries though, there are stairs all the way up the mountain.
Normally, this is not a big deal, but at this time, Adam is still contending with a serious injury from the motorbike wreck in Bali. While walking around on flat surfaces isn't too bad, stairs are terrible.

Happy to be together, happy to be done with the stairs

Exploring the mountain/museum grounds top:

Looking over and across at Pest from Buda

So, it turns out that the museum closes for cleaning 1 day of the week: Mondays.
Today is Monday.
And our final day in the city.
No museum for us.

Disappointed, but undeterred, we explored the mountaintop and enjoyed a wonderful view.

Excavation of the grounds

Our return to Hungarian Bistro involved pork and gnocchi.
Adam died a blissful death.

Pork BRAIDED in bacon over mac & cheese