Saturday, August 19, 2017

Japan: Mt. Fuji

Much to Adam's chagrin, we were up and going at 0530, to catch the very first train leaving Tokyo for Mt. Fuji. Fortunately, the train left the station nearest to our hotel, so that worked out very much in our favor.

There are two options to view Mt. Fuji (short of catching a bus to the actual mountain), the town of Hakone or Lake Kawaguchiko. We opted for Kawaguchiko, as it was a lake resort town that the Japan Rail station representative stressed that I choose over Hakone, for better viewing and pictures. Hakone if more of a hot spring resort town, that is further away. I am thankful to this random lady, as she gave us EXACTLY what we were looking for.

The train ride out was beautiful, as we passed one quaint village after another.  I continued to be impressed by how agricultural this country seems to be, with every home seemingly having some sort of garden. We arrived to an almost empty station, via express train (drinking strong black coffee along the way), and started walking the town.

Mt. Fuji sighting from the train!

Mt. Fuji sighting from the train!

The place had some of the largest and most beautiful irises that I have ever seen, and I loved them!

The best pictures of Mt. Fuji are from the center of the bridge that crossed over the middle of the lake.

After enjoying our view for a while, we further explored the lake-side town. 

My obsession with awesome manhole covers continues! Thank you Japan!

We were also excited to tour the Ide Sake Brewery, knowing that Adam would absolutely love the learning experience! This place has been run for centuries by the same family, currently on its 21st generation of brewers!

 Fortunately, we were the first ones there at 1030. Unfortunately, they were only running one tour that day, at 1500. We did get the good fortune of a private sake tasting, from which we did walk away with a small bottle of Ume (plum sake)

Ide Sake Brewery

Ide Sake Brewery

Ide Sake Brewery: Adam had to duck to enter

Our artistic train

More views from the train

Hazards for the tall people!

Enjoying the journey and sharing some tunes <3