Friday, January 25, 2013

Beautiful Annapolis & Heavy Seas Brewery

Until the last few days (where temps have been in the low teens) this winter in Maryland has been almost far as winter's go. As most of you know, I am an absolute wuss when it comes to cold; temps less than 70 degrees and I don't get along so well and I get sad and cranky at all of the layers I have to put on to not be freezing. I blame it on my early childhood in Texas and the blessing of living in Hawaii, that and having high standards (haha, I just don't see the point of cold).
The point: This winter has been very mild with temps reaching the mid-60s in January, so I dared to venture outdoors and had a wonderful time! My friend Allyson and her boyfriend came down for the day and we took them on a tour of Annapolis. If you have never been, you really should. It is a quaint little seaside town that is very quiet this time of year and has gorgeous brick buildings and cute shops, a nice promenade around the bay, and lots of boats to see. It is also home to the US Naval Academy, so you get to see men and women walking around in uniform (this was much more awesome when we were younger and you were approximately the same age as the students, but now they are 10 years younger and it's creepy to think the boys are cute in their uniforms, besides the fact they look like they are 12). Oh, and food, really good food! We enjoyed a relaxed afternoon of meandering around the town, spoiled by the decent weather, and had a wonderful lunch. Of note: Joss Cafe Sushi Bar = AMAZING! Oh only wish my stomach was half the size of my eyes or the menu. If you like sushi, really great sushi, you will LOVE this place. A local business owner was telling us how the Japanese diplomats from the DC embassy drive out to here for their sushi, if you needed a more credible source to persuade you (we went!).

Me and my beloved on the waters in Annapolis

After Annapolis we cruised up to Baltimore to taste and tour a brewery that Adam has been wanting to try. He really enjoys their beer but we have some how not made it to the brewery in the last year and a half that we have lived here, and it has never been more than 10 miles away. It is called Heavy Seas Brewery and they love pirates.

Adam enjoying his libations pre-tour

Allyson getting friendly with a brewery local

We were lucky to have the owner as our tour guide, he was obviously very knowledgable but SUPER interesting and entertaining. While I am not the biggest fan of beer (I am up to 2 that I like out of the dozens upon dozens that Adam has had me try), I really enjoy these tours and always have a great time.  I highly recommend this place if you ever have the chance: $5 gets you a tour, an awesome pint glass to keep, and 5 sampling tokens to turn in for the beers of your choice. You might even have the added bonus of enjoying beer!

Heavy Seas enjoys their pirate theme throughout