Thursday, February 7, 2013

Pataspco State Park Hike

I hate cold. I REALLY REALLY hate the cold. As I have stated many times, I do not function well under 75 degrees. More than I hate cold, I hate being cooped up inside. Adam and I both really enjoy being outside, being active, playing in weather be damned, we escaped into the frigid landscape that Mother Nature laid before us. It was only about 20 degrees but we had proper clothing so it was actually a fantastically enjoyable day and it really felt awesome to go play outside for a long time, and we accomplished a 10-mile hike in the process.
Patapsco State Park is one of the MD state parks near us and it is truly wonderful! There are SO many trails to navigate that are well marked, cover a variety of terrain, and keep you interested. Adam and I have decided to really start getting into hiking because we love being out in the woods, but have to keep moving enough to stay warm, so this fits the bills perfectly. There is just something so serene and peaceful about just walking through the beauty and quiet of nature (even at such ridiculous temps) and it just brings an overall calm to life.

Hiking up around Cascade Falls

Cool ice formations at the bottom of the Falls

Mother Nature can make anything beautiful

The Falls doing their best to keep flowing in the cold, a valiant fight!

Cascade Falls

Not quite like the waterfalls in many extra layers required

Awesome ice

Leading the way