Saturday, February 23, 2013

Gambrill State Park Hike

I am sure that you have noticed by now that we are doing a lot of hiking. Every weekend actually and it is WONDERFUL! We are actually starting to train for longer hikes, planning on some once the weather gets a little bit nicer and camping out overnight won't be the most miserable experience in the world, and our water sources won't be frozen. Western Maryland actually has some amazing hiking trails, so we ventured back over that way last weekend to Gambrill State Park. It was an absolutely BEAUTIFUL day with crystal clear bright blue skies, though a bit on the chilly size starting the hike at 20 degrees. Fortunately our gear makes it more than comfortable. The woods and the views were absolutely breathtaking that day, so please enjoy our perspective below.
Ready to go!

Such a serene trail

Vista overlooking Western Maryland

Beautiful even without the green

Panorama of the valley, make sure to click on this picture to enjoy its full beauty!

Hike out to the overlook

The overlook of Western Maryland 

Such brilliant blue skies!

The woods are so serene