Friday, April 26, 2013

Pimlico Racing Down Wine Fest

This post may sound familiar, since we did this wine festival last year. Well, it was SO awesome last year that we made sure to repeat it this year, despite the fact that I had spent the entire week prior in Orlando for a Peds Nurse Practitioner conference, was exhausted, and got home the night before this. WORTH IT. I am not in to gambling, at all, but this is FUN. Fun FUN. You go around and sample wine for a while, go out and watch a race (yes, we bet on the first race and won. Took our winnings and ran!). Come back in to taste more wine, peruse the craft and food booths, order a cheese platter, and go watch another race. Repeat. Repeat. Repeat again. Ok, time to go home. Actually, what ended the festivities was when the horse got hurt and pitched his rider and they both had broken legs. This resulted in my tears and overwhelmed heart because we all know the consequence for this I couldn't bear to be around it any more. Thank you over-empathetic heart and wine. Other than that it was a really fantastic time. 
Due to the fact I was still in Orlando FL on Saturday, we went on Sunday (it was both days), and it was really quiet and perfect. We were able to take our time at each booth and talk with the owners of the wineries and vineyards and really learn about their passion and their wine. It is much more interesting when you have context and history to the story, and I really think that it makes the wine taste better!

A nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon

Wine and cheese...yes please

Cheers to a gorgeous day and a wonderful time!

Our single bet, in the first race, on a horse named Jet Pack, WE WON!

Love and racing

Here they come, a clear winner approaches

So much fun to watch!