Friday, May 3, 2013

The Hoisington Parents Return!

Last weekend was a FANTASTIC weekend for OH SO MANY reasons. First, my parents came down to visit and that is always wonderful AND it marked the end of Adam's graduate career! That is correct, Adam is DONE with his Master's! YAY!
I am SO proud of him, as his program was quite intense and thoroughly frustrating at times, but he endured, persevered, and more than succeeded! I am also so very happy that he is done, as it marks the first time since 2007 that neither of us are in school! THAT IS FOREVER! This is the first time in a very long time that we don't have to worry about planning our lives around school projects, midterms, or finals. I keep flirting with the idea of my doctorate, but honestly, the PTSD remains from my own Master's, and I am not ready to deal with all of that stress again. It is finally time that we can just sit back and breathe. So a huge shout out to my amazing husband and all of his tremendous accomplishments YAY!!!!
So in celebration, my parents came down to enjoy the festivities and we had an amazing time. When they come to visit, we always try to pack so much in; to show them new things and share new experiences, and end up all over the place, ending the weekend more exhausted than we began. Well, that was the exact opposite of the objective this time. We just wanted to focus on relaxed quality time together without plans. That being said, we still ended up in another state and being gone for over 12 hours in a day, but it was quiet and wonderful. For starters, my parents spoiled Adam by taking him to Annapolis Home Brew to outfit him with supplies to brew at home as a graduation present. It was like a little kid at Christmas. He opted to not start with beer and we current have 2 gallons of mead bubbling in our dark storage closet. After that we ventured out to one of the vineyards we were invited to the previous weekend and had a wonderful wine tasting. Then we ended up in Delaware at Dogfish Head Brewery (and had success once again to walk in and score a tour without a reservation!) followed by dinner at the Dogfish Head Brewery Restaurant in Rehoboth Beach. All of this after not having any plans to start the day. We then spent Sunday close to home after all of the time in the car. We have a new casino near us, and after hearing that my mom had never been to a casino, you KNOW that we had to go there. My dad had fun putting dollars in the penny slots and watching her face, it was a fantastic spectacle!
My beloved Hoisington parents playing in the Cassinelli vineyard

Cheers! Wine tasting at Cassinelli Winery on the Eastern Shore

Penny slots for mom!

Congratulations Adam from Dogfish Head!

What is a celebration without a beer flight?

We found another machine that she just HAD to try