Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Washington State

Hello Walla Walla! It is much more fun to say that you are in the city than to type it. Our trip had an overall wine-flavored theme, with a sprinkling of beer, and LOTS of relaxation (all of us needed a serious break from reality and daily life).
Again, thanks to East Coast time, we were up bright and early...fortunately for us, the wine people understand, and the tasting rooms opened up at 10am. Never to early right? We started out at Charles Smith Winery. He has two different wine lines...both are equally awesome. Adam and I seriously fell in LOVE with the architecture of the building, and have both vowed that the house we build with have so many of the design elements from this place incorporated. The front walls were glass and flip out to become a glass roof for an outdoor patio. How awesome is that!?!?!? The walls are nesting walls that collapse inside of themselves to make the space as big or small as you want, the tables are all on wheels to move around and keep the design of the space ever changing, and the cases of wines have custom tops that become high-top tables on entertainment evenings. Seriously fantastic. While we were there, the wine steward told us about their "BBQ and Blues" event later that evening, so our plans for the night were solidified. Who doesn't like BBQ, wine, and good music? Terrible people that we don't want to hang out with ever, that's who.

Charles Smith Tasting Room

Awesome door/ceiling

In LOVE with the decor

Movable lounge area/stage for entertainment

The boys, content and comfortable, all is well with the world

After that we meandered around the town, did a few more wine tastings, and came across Adam and Jeremy's new heaven (and you thought it was in Whole Foods back in Santa Barbara...), known at Salumiere Cesario. Gourmet cheese, at least a dozen different type of salumi, olives, spice rubs, wines, fresh breads and spreads, and so much more. So yes, we definitely had lunch here. A lunch of a cheese and charcuterie plate with a shared bottle of wine with broken bread and spreads. EAT HERE. If no where else, EAT HERE. Your entire being will thank you. I never said it was a balanced diet.

This was before he realized he was allowed into the closet

I don't know if I really want to talk about the next place because it was that awesome, and I want it to stay that awesome, but I want the owners to be successful so I want people to patronize it, but I never want it to change, so I don't want too many people to go. But seriously, I have a HUGE CRUSH on this bar, the owner, the town, and everything ever about this place. It is by far the coolest, awesomest, and tastiest bar I have ever been in, and WILL return to this area just to go here. JimGermanBar. Waitsburg, Washington. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME. The menu is on butcher paper taped to the wall, the liquor shelf is plywood, the owner custom makes ever cocktail with only the freshest of ingredients, and it is a true art. I think Adam even has a bit of a crush on the owner after watching him work. You would never suspect this bar to exists in the town that it does, a tiny town in the middle of nowhere that looks like it is stuck in the 1950s, but it does, and it is all things great about this life. BEST COCKTAILS EVER. You will want to drink here, I promise.

JimGerman Bar = PERFECTION

My ginger concoction, so many versions of happiness experienced

Group cheers

Sadly, and trust me, we were actually very sad to leave, we ventured back to Walla Walla for the "BBQ and Blues" before dinner.

Of course we had to get BBQ, pre-dinner snack to wash down the wine with

Pulled pork, brisket, and chicken...Mmmm

Afterwards, we ventured down to (what is really nice about Walla Walla is that you park in one place and walk everywhere) dinner at one of "the places" to eat, Saffron Mediterranean Kitchen. It was obviously too tasty for pictures because I have none to share. We all shared a cornucopia of appetizers because there were too many fun-sounding things to try and none of us wanted to miss out. Ahhh, what a wonderful day...perfect and relaxing in every way.