Wednesday, December 18, 2013

A November Snapshot

If it were not for these pictures document that things happened, I am not entirely sure that I would believe that the month of November actually happened this year. It was an absolute blur of wonderfulness.

All dressed up for Adam's company party

Our good friends Jake and Sarah were blessed with a wicked cute baby on October 30th. She was a bit early, so the grandmothers were both in a travel fury to get from Michigan in time for the birth. While Sarah worked on the laboring process, Adam and I were charged with getting the grandmas from the airport to the hospital. It was a really fun experience to be a part of....everyone was so excited. Quentin was patient and waited for their arrival before joining this big world of ours. We joined them a few weeks later for the Lions vs. Steelers game (yeah, we hang out with Lions fans, I know). I was able to get some quality cuddle in. I know this picture triggered quite a response on Facebook, but no worries...we are still perfectly content with not producing our own children. He really is one heck of an adorable kiddo!

Hanging out with the Pennocks

Then came our annual Thanksgiving feast with our crew. This tradition started, wow, a while ago, it's been years now, back in Hawaii, when everyone came together to celebrate family style, since we were all away from our families. It was too expensive to go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas for most people, so everyone opted for Christmas, leaving Thanksgiving to be celebrated Hawaiian style.

Dinner with the crew

Then it was off to the Mayer abode for Thanksgiving festivities and shipping all of the men off to camp the next morning. This is my favorite meal of the year, I try to consume as many of the feasts as possible.

Mayer men making my dinner

After prepping for the evening feast in the morning, it has become Adam and my tradition to venture over to the Hagerich house for a noon time feast with his maternal side of the family. It is a smorgasbord of all things tasty and awesome, complete with fantastic company. Afterwards, we head back to the house to prepare ourselves for a second feast with the Mayer clan and Aunt Midge. Oh how my belly always aches with happiness.

Thanksgiving at the Hagerich's

After the boys are shipped off to camp for 10 days, we Mayer girls start preparing for the annual sleepover with the maternal females. It initially started after Gram Helen passed away as a way to sort through and divide up ALL of the pictures from a lifetime of love and family, but has continued since that's completion. It is a wonderful evening filled with love, laughter, awkwardness, and making memories.

Slumber party with the Adams' girls