Friday, December 6, 2013

Hello Dublin

Our first full day in Dublin we opted to get out and move around the city. I don't think either of us were planning on quite the excursion that we ended up taking. Many many hours and many many miles later, I think that we saw most of the entire city.

Of course we ended up at the Jameson Distillery. They have timed tours, and they seem like they always sell out, so I would make sure that you get there early if you want a reasonable timed one without having to worry about having to buy tickets and having to come back.

Adam was SO EXCITED to be selected as a "taster", meaning that he got to compare and contrast different whiskies in the tasting room, while the rest of us just got to have out single sample of Jameson's at the end of the tour.

Of course, he was the ONLY one that did not selected Jameson's as his favorite of the whiskey options...opting for the American bourbon instead. Despite this sacriledge, they still passed him and he got a certificate. One thing that I must rave about is the mixed drink they offered at the end for those of us that did not like whiskey. They mixed Jameson's with ginger syrup over ice and it was AWESOME.

Note to self, don't show up at the Guinness factory unplanned and later in the day...the line is out the door and around the block and really obnoxious. Fortunately, we made it in the next day, but it was so defeating to get there and have to face all of that.

St. Patrick's Cathedral
We ended our evening having an awesome dinner at The Pieman Cafe in Temple Bar. We split a Jameson and chicken with potato and mushroom. Afterwards, we ended up in another small pub watching a rugby game. It was such a nice way to wind down after such an active day.