Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Family Time

The remaining days can be summarized as "simply amazing". 
Myself and Adam, Uncle Neal and Jay, my cousin Jessica, my cousin Jason and his girlfriend Kayla. It was just about spending time together, over good food, good drinks, catching up, and enjoying so many stomach-hurting laughs. It really was an absolutely perfect and relaxing week that was completely filled with love and enjoying each others existence. 
The area is absolutely lush with fruit trees all over the place, and since Palm Springs is primarily a second-residence (if not third or fourth), Jay has permission from many people to come raid their fruit trees "any time that he wants". So we did just that. We enjoyed fresh squeezed (and really delicious) grapefruit juice, ate oranges, and Adam and I tried kumquots (think large marble-sized oranges that you eat whole) for the first time. 

Neighborhood walk for morning fruit

Good Morning Rancho Mirage

Adam and Kayla...serious game

Each evening was spent over fine spirits and rousing games of Cards Against Humanity. Yes, we brought our deck with us, and we played every night. I told you that I was obsessed with the game. We also bore two more sets of addicts between Neal&Jay and Jason&Kayla. Uncle Neal and I got into a few of those laughing spells where you really cannot stop laughing. You know those; you cannot breath, tears are streaming down your face, your stomach cramping at the continuos hard-core laughing, and just about when you have yourself back under control you look at the other person and completely lose it again. Yep. That was us. For 10 minutes an episode.

Blame all of this on that man: Uncle Neal, Jason, and Jessica

Jay and Neal...trying to own the game
Sibling love at its best

Good Night Rancho Mirage

Uncle Neal and Jay

Kayla and Jason

Cousin love

Adam sunning with the girls

We met SO many awesome and captivating people at the reception, the time absolutely flew by. Uncle Neal and Jay are just those people in your life that absolutely enrich everything about the lives of the people they spend time with. Life just feels better with them being a part of it. That and my cousins are pretty damn awesome too, haha.
The week came to a close too quickly, not a single one of us wanting to leave. I seriously think I am just NOW getting over South Cali withdrawal...seriously, a mild depression from leaving. I cannot wait to go back! Thank you to everyone who made this such a wonderful and memorable trip.