Wednesday, February 19, 2014

The Wedding Day

Oh how I love weddings. Actually, I love LOVE...and weddings are all about this, so I am a HUGE fan. Hopeless romantic here. We had a lot of fun the morning of the wedding, since it was just the four of us getting ready...all while enjoying mimosas. I still think our wedding was the best ever, but I think this was the 2nd best way to go. They opted for an intimate wedding in their own living room, only 10 people total, including the photographer. So casual, relaxed, and full of obvious and apparent love.
It was good fortune that Adam and I ended up staying there, as they decided to try out tying bow ties for the very first time ever on the morning of the wedding. Adam and I helped them out and it was a lot of fun. They own a house on the Big Island in Hawaii, and the aloha spirit is very much a part of who they are, so they had leis flown in for everyone for the ceremony. I miss leis being a regular part of my life. *Sigh, I miss Hawaii*.
Out of respect for and request of the newlyweds, I am not posting any picts of the wedding...but it should be said that they looked incredibly dapper.

Observing the vow exchange, note my desperate hold on the hankerchief

So yes, I am a hopeless romantic, I am known for tearing up at weddings, engagements, girly movies, a 30 second get the point. Let's set the scene for you. There is the couple, Jay's mom, the two officiants (also friends), the two best men, us, and the 10 people total at the wedding. They chose to get married in an intimate ceremony in their home, it is relaxed and intimate, so we are just sitting in the living room watching them exchange vows. I completely LOSE IT. I am talking racking sobs. I don't know what my problem was, other than just being completely overwhelmed by the obvious love and excitement emanating from the vow exchange between these two people that I love dearly. I am trying to be quiet...and desperately failing. One of the best men gives me his handkerchief. I have never needed to actually wipe my eyes at a wedding before, it had always been confined to tearing up and the tears reabsorbing. Not this time. I am an mess along with my mascara and eyeliner. It gets to the point that Uncle Neal cracks up laughing at me in the middle of his vows. Yep, I was THAT guest. Thankfully they love me and I don't get kicked out.

Me and my arm candy

Our gorgeous leis

It was an incredibly powerful day full of love and wonderful people. We are so blessed that this couple is a part of our lives.