Sunday, April 13, 2014

A New Hampshire Farewell

 Well, as previously mentioned: WE ARE MOVING TO ABU DHABI. Life became a whirlwind after that decision was made because we had about a month to take care of our life here and for Adam to say good bye to family and friends here. When looking into the details, we determined that it was not in the best interest of our kitty, Maia, to have her join us on this move difficult as that decision was. Having to put her through additional microchipping (as if the 2 for Hawaii wasn't enough), another round of vaccines (of which she did not tolerate well the first time around and that was 7 years ago), and just the general stress it would cause her, was just too much guilt on my conscience. That and I have my parents who absolutely adore her, so we opted to have her stay behind. So a long drive we took to get our cat and important possessions to NH for storage.
Of note, my dad has picked up a woodworking hobby over the last few winters, to help pass the time between snow storms and when it is a stupidly cold temperature outside and he can't go ice fishing, (my dad eat/drinks/breathes/LIVES) fishing. He started out making unique lamps but then branched into sculpture work...which caught some eyes. Well, he was asked to be in an art show this Spring (how amazingly awesome is that !?!?!?!), and we were able to go see his pieces on display at the AVA Gallery. It was really neat to see all of his creativity and hard work on display, to be appreciated by everyone. This is one of my most favorite pieces:

He came across this piece of old wood that had obviously killed a chainsaw because the chain was all caught up in it. The tree defeated the attempt at distraction and then continue to grow! He transformed it into the most incredible lamp!

We did the obligatory drive all over the place and stop at random wineries and breweries, having a fantastic afternoon!

Talking mom through the sampler at Long Trail Brewery

The pillars of my life

For dinner we ventured to the Flying Goose Pub, where they have their own microbrew system going on paired with incredible food. My cousin Sam joined us for a fantastic evening for great company, good drinks, tasty foods, and lots of laughter. The best of times.

Me and my cousin Sam

A farewell to NH sampler

It was a quick but really REALLY nice weekend. It was relaxing (other than the 16 hours of driving there and back), and a good way to start the marathon of preparing for Adam's departure and our move.