Saturday, April 19, 2014

A Pennsylvania Farewell

With such little time before Adam's departure, he was really worried about being able to say goodbye to everyone. The time between us deciding to move and his actually leaving was only a month. It sounds like quite a bit of time until you realize how much stuff there is to do and people to see when everyone lives in other states. To help him out, Darlene and I plotted a surprise farewell for him when we went back for a final weekend in he could see everyone in one place instead of stressing about making it everywhere to see everyone. We are hoping to make it back for the holidays (and of course, deer season!), but it isn't a guarantee yet, so it could be a potentially extended time until Adam sees everyone again. We met up with his parents at their Elks club and then EVERYONE started showing up. I love seeing how much my husband is loved. I mean, I know that he should be loved by all, he is the most awesome person ever, but I am also completely biased. Family and friends descended on Johnstown to give Adam a proper send off. I know that he REALLY appreciated and LOVED it, but so did I, just knowing how much it meant to him (and me!). Thank you EVERYONE for always being there, so supportive and wonderful. You definitely make our lives awesome.

My giant leprechaun (it was St. Patty's Weekend as well)

The gorgeous Connelly cousins: Clerissa and Janell

Marlene (Adam's godmother) and Darlene

Adam and the Studer parents (having all the babies for us, thank you!)

Me with Tasha and Gemma

Adam and the whole Adams/Studer clan

Tasha and Kevin

Morgan and Nick

Party to my left 

Party to my right

Adam is also her favorite...

A family of gingers

See, Adam LOVES kids...and Greyson was LOVING him!

Different in chronologic age...

Same is developmental age... :)


Adam and his Meyer girls

One hell of an awesome family