Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Our Expat Life: The Update

I am officially into my second month here (two months today!) and it is still going wonderfully.
Seriously, we love this place.
It has taken a little time, but we have come into a temporary routine (until my job starts, hoping for the end of August!), and we have a nice little life going on here. The job thing for me is taking longer than expected, though I was warned it would take this long, I was optimistic it would be quicker, as I had all of MY ducks in a row. This is not the case, as I am the first advanced practice nurse hired into the country (there are others here, just not practicing). But things seems to be moving along a bit better now that Ramadan is over.
I am finding that I am not going nearly as stir crazy as I thought I would, keeping my days occupied with re-reading my old textbooks (refreshing myself for the expanded scope of my new role), catching up on my never ending list of "fun" books to read, lounging by the pool, working out, and maintaining our little home and life. We have also just returned from a 10-day adventure to Belgium and France (which will be blog posts to come) thanks to the end of Ramadan blessing Eid al-Fitr to be a 9-day break for workers WITHOUT taking any leave. Adam only had to take one day of leave for us to be gone for 10 days, it was glorious! We were nervous that we were not going to be able to go, due to my passport still being utilized to process my residency visa, but it came through with 5 days to spare, so we could escape! Want an amusing tidbit? My listed profession on my residency visa (as Adam is my sponsor, his work is his sponsor): HOUSEWIFE. If you know me you can probably guess how well this went over. Adam thought it was hilarious. Though technically this is my "profession" of the current circumstance, it is annoying nonetheless.
We are excited to announce that our first guests have already booked to join us: Shawna is coming in 2 weeks for a week and my Uncle Neal and Jay are coming in February for two weeks. It is going to be nice to share this others, as we see our living other places as an easy way for our loved ones to visit new places with free room and board as well as the "local" advantage. It is also fun for us to share our passion for traveling with others.

Ferrari World Amusement Park

We hosted a Rosewood family dinner last night with a Hawaiian theme: Kahlua pork, Hawaiian fried rice (has spam and pineapple in it), Kahuku shrimp, and spam musubi. It was AWESOME. I am excited for this weekend: Yas Waterworld here we come! The only thing I love more than amusement parks is water parks! In other VERY FANTASTIC news, Adam and I signed up for a refresher freediving course starting next week!!! Finally getting back to some of what we love and miss about Hawaii: THE OPEN WATER! Yay!
Other than that, our life is pretty status quo for us.
We hope this finds you all doing well!