Sunday, June 22, 2014

Brunch at the Fairmont

Ok, we have all heard of brunch right? You know.....that meal that falls between breakfast and lunch that happens when you FINALLY get to sleep in from the long week but by the time you wake up and get around to eating it is more like lunch time, but you still want some waffles. Right? Well, sort of. In the fact that it happens on the weekend, yes, we both have the same concept of brunch. That is where the comparison ends. In the UAE, I would equate brunch to an Olympic sport. NOT JOKING. It takes endurance, stamina, dedication, and one empty being to full embrace and enjoy it.

So brunch here is a 4-4.5 hour social affair, an absolutely amazing one. You really have to pace yourself to last the full time and people really take the entire time. It is decadent, over-indulgent, gluttony in the purest form....and it is AMAZING. Think buffet, but with every cuisine you can think off, from the top tier of quality, ridiculously fresh, and mind-blowingly delicious. Do not think that you can compare this to anything in Las Vegas. That and the booze flow freely. My new favorite drink in the world, for now anyway, is a fresh strawberry mojito.
While I overindulged on the sushi and sashimi bar, Adam pillaged the dessert table...5 tiramisu later he was pouting because they were all out.

This was my first brunch in Abu Dhabi and it was awesome. There were about 30 of us that came together to celebrate the birthdays of Dave, Phillip, and Jen, as well as having a gathering feast before the beginning of Ramadan next week.

Birthday boy Dave



Awaiting our Pimm's cup

Phillip, Dave, Carly, Johan, Adam, Elena, and Debbie

The birthday trio: Dave, Phillip, and Jen

Michael enjoys a fine mojito (or two) as well

Brunch is a serious feat

Rosemont Crew: Allison, Johan, and Elena

A beginning of a bromance: Adam and Johan

Rosewood Girls: Me, Allison, and Elena

The Rosewood Boys: Johan, Michael, and Adam with our awesome waiter Mukesh

After eating and imbibing for so many hours, it was time to decompress (I know, it sounds so rough right?), so to the pool we went! It was a beautiful afternoon of continued wonderment with friends and drinks. Adam and Elena slept by the pool while the rest of us. Overall it was a glorious day, meeting new amazing people, enjoying yet another day in this incredible life we are living.