Sunday, June 15, 2014

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

One of the very first things Adam took me to see after my arrival (and jet lag recovery) was The Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi. It is absolutely breathtaking, it rivals the grandeur and architectural wonder of the Duomo in Florence...either of them being the most beautiful building I have beheld in my life thus far. It serves as both a religious place of worship and a cultural center.
Honestly, I am loving the tradition and rituals of the cultures here, just how different it is and how much there is to learn. To visit the mosque, like the Vatican in Rome, there are guidelines for appropriate attire. Men must be wearing pants and shirts with sleeves while women must have heads, legs, and arms covered. Adam was appropriately dressed, but I borrowed (both entry to the mosque and garment to be dressed appropriately are FREE) and abaya. While it it completely covers everything except your face and hands, and is black, it was really light and flowy, super comfortable. I would definitely not mind wearing one every day, having to remove the decision of what to wear every time getting dressed!
We took our time walking around the facility, as it is just so beautiful...looking at all of the fine and ornamental details, reflecting over the many pools, and finding a wonderful sense of solitude and peace within the walls.
If you are coming to visit, this will definitely be on the list of places that you will be taken! Enjoy the pictures!

Rockin' the abaya