Friday, June 13, 2014

The LOVE Wedding

Gemma (flower girl) and her glamorous mumma Tab

It was a beautiful day in Pittsburgh for a wedding! Adam's cousin Kayla married the love of her life, Ryan Love (seriously, could you have a more perfect last name for such an occasion!?!?!) on a clear blue sky day in a wonderful area of the city called 'The Strip District'.

Shhhh, it's a secret! Tasha and Kevin

The very daper Greyson (ring bearer) with dad Brandon 

Dar, AMY MAYER, and Mike

Beautiful Hagerich girls: Morgan, Becca, and Kara

Jonathan and the Connelly girls, Clerissa and Janell

Aunt Teri and Uncle Kevin, making it look good!

Me and Mike, keeping the place classy!

Abba love!

Janell, Aunt Mar, and Michael

Michael and his constant life, surrounded by the ladies!

Juniata Girls rocking it in the royal blue (should have thrown some gold in there!), me and Kara

Cousins! Married into a family of supermodels...I keep saying.

Mr. and Mrs. Love...first dance

An actual picture of me not blinking or anti-blinking! It's amazing!

Pretty Mayer girls

Godmumma love, Aunt Teri and Michael

Escorts! Since our significants were out of town, we took each other!

Adam was already in Abu Dhabi and Johnna was in a wedding in Ohio, so Michael and I were each others escorts for the wedding. A glorious time was had!

Mayer Girls!

Love being surrounded by handsome Mayer boys!

Dancing the night away, Greyson had some of the best moves!

Kayla and Michael

Excited me and the bride

Mr. and Mrs. Love

Mayer boys, love them all!

Making it look good!

Father and daughter dance...there were tears in my eyes

Uncle Matt and Aunt Lisa, burning up the dance floor

The love that bore my incredible husband = GRATEFUL!

The crazy cousins!