Sunday, June 26, 2016

France to Spain: San Sebastian

After finally being able to sleep in, we had a late morning departure from Bordeaux to venture onto San Sebastian in Spain. We boarded the train and relaxed into the several hour journey. It really was a tranquil ride as you chug along through miles of forests, small towns, acres of solar panels, and all under a pristine blue sky. I highly recommend this as your primary mode of transportation in this region, it really is quite picturesque!

We arrived hours before we were able to check in, so we immediately wandered into Old City (there are two distinct areas of San Sebastian) for food and libation.

Our first stop landed us at the highly recommended Atari Gastroteka, and we thoroughly agree with the high recommendation after our lazy afternoon spent there! We nestled into our corner table and sampled our way through most of their pintxos (appetizers), beers on tap, and a large picture of sangria.


Pintxos on my plate!

And then there was what you could order, in addition to the options displayed on the counters

With our stomachs full and thirst quenched, we went to check into our accommodations for the duration. It was a few miles walk, as we were staying outside of New City, but it was a wonderful stroll along the water.

After getting checked in and settled, we ventured back out just to walk around (we needed it after the train ride, and then sitting and eating all afternoon), and enjoyed a nice sunset.

And, of course, there were a few more bites to be enjoyed before retiring for the night!

Oiartzun Gozotegia: Adam would have ordered the entire thing if we had a place for it

Seafood Paella at Oiartzun Gozotegia