Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Spain: The Sagrada Familia

The infamous Sagrada Familia.

So this building deserves its own post.
It is the most "touristy" thing that we did the entire trip, and it was amazing.
Honestly, from the outside, while the architecture was awesome, it didn't looks that much more awesome than the many cathedrals that we have seen over the years. AND THERE WERE SO MANY PEOPLE. Seriously. SO MANY PEOPLE around this place. It was off-putting.
But everyone said it was worth it. All of the guide books said that you have to do it. All of the online reviews for it was ridiculously high. So, we did it.

I am glad we did it.

It was worth it. You do have to do it. It is worth the high accolades.

Note: It is the most popular thing to do in Barcelona, so you need to buy your tickets in advance or plan on waiting a few hours between "time you purchase your tickets" and the "time your tickets let you in". There is that much of a demand. We went on a week day, in the off season, and still had to wait many hours.

Despite all of the people milling about outside, everything around the building was organized and efficient, and the inside was the same. Despite all of the people, it didn't feel as crowded as it actually was.

So enjoy the view:

Consumed during the wait for our entry time

I absolutely fell in love with the stained glass and the reflective colors. It is so surreal and captivating.

View from one of the spires

The staircase down one of the spires: We took the elevator up and walked the stairs down. It was dizzying!

If you find yourself in Barcelona, you will regret the trip if you don't find yourself at The Sagrada Familia.