Thursday, July 21, 2016

Singapore: Botanical Gardens

This is a very singular post, mostly so you can love it if you love flowers and skip it if you could care less. Adam and Josh thought I was a tad insane with how many pictures that I was taking, and how much I was enjoying the flowers. That and they were kind of dying from the heat and humidity, but I thought that it was a beautiful day!

In my defense, Abu Dhabi has made places like this seem like technicolor to me. Cerulean blue skies, plants and trees of various shades of green, and just flowers in general. I don't have these things in the Middle East. I miss it. I love it when I am in it. I miss nature. I really miss nature.

Sign posted every 10 ft in the Metro. NO DURIAN!

Lizard friend

Quality sun bathing location