Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Singapore: Exploring, Eating, and Enjoying!

Singapore is a city that is seriously meant for foodies or those who are creative/experimental eaters. You can also find authentic cuisine from all corners and nooks of the earth.
Craving Peruvian? They've got it.
Tex-Mex instead of true Mexican? Yep.
Norwegian seafood or Welsh rarebit? Straight from the source and cooked by a native from there.

We definitely did NOT obligate ourselves to a particular cuisine while exploring Singapore, nor did we stick with defined meals. For example: Indian for breakfast:

After a solid breakfast each morning, we set out to explore a different area of the city. The overall morning goal to make it to Hawker Center for lunch.

We enjoyed weaving through some of the more local, non-touristy, shops and looking at their wares.

We bonded with a fellow American and picked up a new friend

Meet Josh. We met him in a room of Scotch and quickly bonded over the expat life. He is a transplant from LA currently living in and working from Bali. We ended up connecting and heading to lunch together, as well as meeting up for other occasions during our time in Singapore.

The premise of the Hawker Centers is all things food and beverage, with a plethora of different stands/booths to choose from. Each stand has its "thing" that they are known for, so you visit a few of them to accumulate your total meal, piecing it all together. It is a great way to try EVERYTHING, and it is super cheap, so you don't feel bad if you were just a little too curious about something, it was disgusting, and you don't want to eat any more of it. We absolutely loved this concept. Though it can be a bit confusing and chaotic.

And finally, we settled on dumplings and soup (see below):

Shared between the 3 of us

Laksa, my hands-down FAVORITE thing

And some other intriguing dried bits that we had no interest in trying: