Monday, December 5, 2016

Austria: Salzburg- The Beginning of a New Love Affair

I loved how much that we used train to get around Europe for this trip, as it is simply the absolute best mode of transportation if you can do it comfortably. That is more than possible with EuroRail.

Enjoy our fine view through to Austria:

If you ever happen to ask us, out of all of our travels, where is our favorite would hear us debate various locations based on trip objectives. No matter what though, whatever the objective, we both very readily speak dreamily and adamantly about Austria, though we had only spent a few days in Vienna.

Well...Salzburg reaffirmed our obsession for Austria.
It is one of those postcard perfect little cities that simply oozes culture and history.

We got ourselves checked into our hotel and spent the remainder of the day walking aimlessly around Old City; exploring random streets, admiring the architecture, and viewing some incredible cathedral interiors.

By high recommedations, we came to Zwettler Stifskellar Restaurant for a late-lunch/early-dinner, where we (thank God) order two half-portions (I love that this is even an option) to share plus a weiner schnitzel...since we could decide between them but knew we couldn't eat whole portions.

And ended the day still meandering without intentional direction until the sun set on this beautiful city and perfect day.