Friday, December 16, 2016

Austria: Salzburg- The Final Walk

Apologies if you are bored of Salzburg...seriously, SO many post for just one stop of the trip....I know....but this city captured my heart. As does the whole country. Although, how could one ever be tired of this place?!?!? I just wanted to encapsulate some more of the memories for myself here, and to share the simple beauty with you.

Wanting to experience calm before the chaos, I opted to get up early and explore the city at 6am, and can't recommend this any more highly. It was slightly drizzly and wonderful. You have to remember, I currently live in a country where it NEVER rains....I freakin' LOVE and greatly appreciate the rain now!

It was such a nice and quiet time. I enjoyed watching the city come awake with setting up for the street markets and the street cleaners hard at work.

I wasn't the only one out either. A few (albeit elderly) people were out getting first pick of the fresh produce and butchered meats. Smart people, very smart. I love the idea of "grocery shopping" like this on a routine basis!

After my solo jaunt around the neighborhood, I picked up a cute husband, and we continued the long walk. The remainder of our day was spent slowly walking around the remainder of Old Town, and then crossing over to explore New Town. The Schloss Mirabell (a Palace) is not to be missed, with its gorgeously manicured landscape surrounding it.

And what would the day be without a brandy and liquor tasting?

Or a delicious pastry?

We finally settled into the square with some beers and radler to enjoy people watching for the afternoon, sharing plates of sausages and cheeses. I could only wish that I had the camera handy when there was a guy that bicycled past with a grill anchored to it, and he was quickly followed by a bicycle entourage of drunken men in polo shirts and lederhosen.

And sometimes, amidst all of the authentic and amazing local (but foreign) and fresh food, you just need a really good burger. A small grasp of something familiar to ground you on your adventures into the unknown and new.

Customizing my burger order. The bib was a bonus.