Sunday, January 15, 2017

Sri Lanka: The Great Anniversary- Part One

So yes, I am a bit delayed, as always.
August 2016 marked a significant occasion: Our 10-year wedding anniversary!
Can you believe it?!?! How are we old enough to be married for a decade? That and how has this much time passed already? It seriously has been a fantastic blur.

After a VERY busy and stressful year, personally, professionally, and our previous trips being intensively active, we decided that we just needed to take an actual vacation and RELAX. Something that neither of us do well.

We had been wanting to see Sri Lanka since it is such a short flight, and wanted to get some serious time in the water, so combining everything that we were looking for had us find Soul & Surf Sri Lanka. Click and read. But let me tell you: They are amazing! They coordinated everything for us, from arrival at airport to departure. Every need was met, and everything was fantastic. The premise is escaping to recenter, and most of your time is spent surfing, doing yoga and meditation, or napping because you are surfing for hours twice a day and it is surprisingly exhausting.

The trip end up being a bit more active and rigorous than planned with the daily 6am surf departures that were a 2-3 hour morning surf, shower and breakfast, rest and lunch, yoga and meditation, afternoon activity (such as paddle-boarding), evening surfing, rest and dinner, then passing out blissfully by 8pm. It was amazing.

The food was also completely fresh, wholesome, and nutritious.
This place truly nurtures you: Mind, body, and soul.

Enjoy the randomness of our days below....
Epic surf pictures from the professional photographer at the bottom!

Our daily yoga studio, open walls!

The path to/from our room for yoga

Birds of Paradise

Local lawnmower

He was the size of Adam's outstretched hand!

Our private bathtub, the outdoor shower was to the right

Our sign toad

Fresh coconut water post-yoga

Energy smoothie and baby bananas pre-surf

Group paddle-board

Serene afternoon for paddle-boarding

Our accommodations, mosquito-free sleep!

More creatures for Adam to stalk and play with

Can you spy out money friend?

Where the professional photographer took over:

Husband and Wife: Ten Years

My man making it look easy...mind you his leg is still fractured at this point

This took A LOT of trial and error!

Such a zen moment for me...all is right in the world

Adam made a new BFF