Monday, January 16, 2017

Sri Lanka: The Great Anniversary- Part Two

One of the days of our week long escape was left completely up to us. A quiet day for everyone at the resort, employees included. We opted for (and they organized) to rent a tuktuk for the day and explore the local area.

From the tuktuk

Ready for another harrowing tuktuk adventure!

Watching the wonders pass by

Rice anyone?

We visited a local tea plantation to see the process from plant to box. It was actually quite interesting to see and learn, and, of course, TASTE. We were early enough in the day that we got a private tour!

Tea Plants

Tea Plantation Exploration

Rubber sap from the Rubber tree


Adam learning the tea making trade from our wonderful guide

Grinding the tea leaves

How your tea leaves are dried before packaging

Tea is ready to be packaged for consumption

Yes, I tried ALL of them!

Onward we go. It's was a process for Adam.

After cruising along the beautiful coast from Ahangama beach northward, we arrived to explore the beautiful seaside town of Galle. We left our tuktuk driver happily parked at the beach as we took our time to walk around the entire city. It isn't that big and can easily be covered in a long afternoon.

We really enjoyed the old fortifications of the city. They are also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Old Galle Fort

Mmmm, lunch!

Curry is always a good choice!

Classic SouthEast Asia: Nice artwork and a tuktuk

As we still had sunlight to our day, and nothing back at the resort to be back to, we opted to stop at a nice beach hotel along the way home and enjoy some fine views and cold drinks. Of course, Adam indulged in playing with the local beach-life as well.

Adam made some new friends, who did NOT want to be friends with each other!

Kicking back; enjoying some cold beers, good company, and a beautiful view.