Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Croatia: Lokrum Island

When in Dubrovnik, PLEASE take the time to catch the ferry out to Lokrum Island. It is worth spending a few hours of your life enjoying this beautiful slice of heaven on earth. I did not know what to expect, as I don't really do the "relaxation" thing, especially sitting out on the beach, and things along those lines. This proved that belief about myself completely wrong.

The "beaches" here are not sand, but just as awesome. Just ledges to climb up and jump off from.

The view from our ledge

The cave at the end of our ledge

Truly turquoise.

What was really awesome about the island was all of the peacocks, peahens, and baby chicks! They were everywhere and they were loud. I had never seen one fly before, much less be nested 20 feet up in a tree.

I would definitely come back here ANYTIME.