Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Croatia: Zagreb & Broken Relationships

Thanks to the time difference, we were up well before the sunrise (hello to being on the streets at 0530!), and found it to be the most amazing time to explore this city! The only people that we out were the locals preparing for their work day, or already working. Cleaning the city and setting up for the morning market.

Cathedral of Zagreb

Fountain of Cathedral of Zagreb

Cathedral of Zagreb

Cathedral of Zagreb

Cathedral of Zagreb

Before and After Restoration

Everywhere we went there were nuns and priests walking around. Socializing with others, with each other, and the priests even sitting next to us at the bar enjoying some beers while having philosophical discussions.

Lavender: It smelled amazing EVERYWHERE!

Back to the market, this time I walked away with cherries, blackberries, and blueberries! Dear God, YUM!

Not your standard scale, LOVED it!

Still wishing that I had a kitchen

It was just us and the empty, beautiful city

St. Mark's Church

Love locks

A "Must-See"

Awesome gift shop items

Dinner at Bistro Fotic. Yep, when in Zagrab you should eat here. It is almost a bipolar looking restaurant. It spans across a block, so it has a entrance from each street. One entrance takes you into a large, dark, and cozy room with dark and heavy tables and leather chairs/couchs, while the other entrance takes you into a small, quaint, shabby-chic room with white tables and pastels. So pick your decor and prepare for an incredible meal. Even the water tasted good...is that possible?!?!

Homemade pasta with artichoke and horseradish sauce