Saturday, July 11, 2015

Croatia: Zadar to Split

Before our departure to Split, we spent the morning walking around the Old City of Zadar again, well before all of the other visitors were up and only the locals on their way to work. Honestly, this is becoming my "new favorite thing".

Watery shadow love, combining two of my favorite things!

The wall the surrounds Old City, you can walk around the outskirts instead of through the main gate (HINT!)

The empty sea walk

Farewell to Zadar....

Taking important notes Split we go!

Krka River

Krka River

A nice surprise for us, since we went through a tour organization company, is that once we got to Split, we were booked to stay INSIDE of the Palace walls!

The lower right balcony is all ours!
We got ourselves all checked in and settled and then headed out to explore our new city for the afternoon.

Inside the Palace walls

No, we did not go in...but were intrigued

If you ever end up here, seriously, stop by Do Ju Do Bar for a nice moment of pause and awesome people watching. They had a nice selection of European brews for Adam, so he was quite content. Brandy is the speciality of Croatia, so I opted to try a flight of the various types. Fortunately for me, Adam helped, as this place is QUITE generous with their pours.

Brandy flight