Sunday, July 12, 2015

Croatia: Split

Seeing how favorable the early rising was to capture my pictures without fighting other travelers and tourists, I was out before the sunrise. Lesson learned, getting out and about before sunrise is really not worth it for pictures. I makes sense. Adam opted to stay in bed this time around, so I was out and about crawling around.

Split really is a captivating and picturesque little city.

Seaside promenade

Outside of the walls

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Inside of the walls

I was taking some great shots of the Palace Cathedral with the rising light when these guys below entered the walls. They were returning from some night of drinking, were hilarious and singing in Croatian. They thought it was hilarious that I was up at this hour and NOT been up all night.
"Take our picture?"
I offered to take their picture with their phones....
"No! Take our picture."
"With what?"
"Your camera."
"Yes, we are awesome. You want a picture of us."
So here is it world....a picture of awesome Croatian people who just had a wonderful evening.

We were suppose to catch a boat mid-morning to the island of Hvar, but due to the ferry breaking down for 2 hours with no end in sight, we opted to bail. One of the benefits of having a tour organizer, we change our minds, and they work on getting our refunds while we head out and explore an incredible city.

We headed right up the mountain. Marjan Peak.

Beautiful and captivating Split

One of the things that I most highly recommend that you do it pay (I don't remember how much, but it is cheap), for the "behind the scenes" self-guided palace tour.

Piece of the former piping into the city

Best meal of the trip
Eat at Koroba Marjan.
Eat at Koroba Marjan.
Eat at Koroba Marjan.
Eat at Koroba Marjan.

And then we ended our evening at the Library Bar. We were the only patrons for most of the evening (it's not that big of a place), and enjoyed fine drinks while talking about EVERYTHING under the sun with the owner, who runs the bar by himself. If you love fine drinks for a good price and love an endless selection of books, you will love this place (HINT: Tabitha Studer, I am calling you out!).