Monday, August 5, 2013

2013 Gold Cup Quarterfinals

Adam started playing soccer in-utero (not literally, but almost) and has always been a fan, due to his passion, my enthusiasm for the game continues to grow. Despite this, I really don't enjoy watching it on TV. No worries though, we are making it to the actual games which are so incredible! My obsession started when he took me to the Real Madrid game while in Spain last year, the crowds were just incredible. When we heard that the 2013 Gold Cup Quarter Finals were being played in Baltimore, us getting tickets was a given. United States versus El Salvador.
One would imagine that being in the US, and El Salvador being such a small country so very far away, that the US fans would greatly outnumber the El Salvadorian fans. One would be oh so very very wrong. We knew we were in for an interesting time when had to battle an obnoxious amount of traffic to get into the city, but none of the traffic were touting US flags. Oh no, lots and lots and LOTS of royal blue. The same was with the tailgating parties in the parking lot, and the mass of people we migrated to the stadium with, and then ALL around us. A very represented and proud people, and really fun to be in the camaraderie with.
There was such a HUGE outpouring of support and pride that Adam and I actually felt kind of bad that El Salvador lost...though we were ecstatic that the US won, it was mixed feelings due to the sadness of the majority of the crowd. One annoying feature of El Salvadorian celebration is that they throw their beer when their team scores. I am talking 22oz plastic cups. Full cups. $11 a beer cups. Everywhere. Every goal. Fortunately Adam was spared and I just got a little splashed. Many MANY people ended up very drenched and very sticky.

The blue are not cheering for the US team

Awesome view from our seats

The El Salvador rowdy fan base

The rowdy US fan base