Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Family and Ocean City

Adam's family was heading down to Ocean City for a week of vacation, with us being "on the way" we were happy when his brother Michael and gf Johnna stopped in to spend the night. We absolutely love hosting people and showing them around, sharing things we love with them...thus why we ended up at Heavy Seas Brewery within ONE hour of their arrival to our apartment. Adam was excited to go back to this particular brewery because he 1.) likes the beer 2.) it is super close to our apt 3.) MOST IMPORTANTLY- MD had just implemented legislation that allowed breweries to fill growlers (think large refillable bottle of beer). Adam was practically dancing out the door. Fortunately, Michael and Johnna also both enjoy beer AND they had never done a brewery tour before, so it was good times by all.

My BELOVED Mayer boys

Brewery SUCCESS!

When they were leaving us the next day to head to the beach, they kept saying we should come down and welcomed us to crash in their room. Fortunes be had, I had Tuesday off and Adam's schedule is flexible, so we left after work on Monday and headed to Ocean City. The best part was that we didn't tell anyone that we were coming besides Michael and Johnna. Adam's parents and the Sabols pulled in about 5 minutes after we did, and everyone was super excited at our surprise appearance.
We hung out for a while enjoying some libations and snacks before venturing down to a favorite watering hole for more sustenance and SHUFFLEBOARD. If you are familiar with me, or this blog, you know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE the game. Yeah, it took much convencing to get me to go. Dar (my mom-in-law) and I were partners and owned the table, kicking serious butt. It is such a fun game. We did eventually tire and had to put effort into losing. It was awesome.

Shuffleboard partners and MASTERS

Mother and son, vying for the win

My favoritest brother-in-law, he's pretty FANTASTIC

Adam getting his required dose of Sabol love

Me and my father-in-law, proud of our shuffleboard domination!

Out fun late night out was followed by a really nice and relaxing day spent visiting the Bischof family (Dad Mayer's side of the family) staying up the street and playing in the waves of the ocean. My entire being was jones-ing for sun, surf, and sand. We absolutely needed this trip. The water was ice cold, but it didn't matter and the numbness set in pretty quickly, we just needed to soak up some salt water. Every thing is so much better when you are in the ocean, there is something so indescribably therapeutic and cathartic about it. So it was a quick 24 hour trip to the shore, but awesome and worth it.