Friday, August 23, 2013

Steeler Game: The Pre-Season

Redskin vs. Steelers
FedEx Field

I was not a huge sports fan growing up but I really am now, as long as it is in person. We have been going to a lot more sporting events in the past two years and I am thoroughly loving it. The energy of the crowd, the energy of the players, being there in person, and just watching is awesome. The game didn't start till 8pm but we were in when the gates opened at 6p, and just watched the teams warm up, the prep on the sidelines for the game, and the fanbase get ready to cheer. Despite this being the DC area where there is both the Ravens and Redskins, there is a HUGE Steelers there has been everywhere that we have gone, and this was no exception.
The night was the perfect temperature, clear skies, and absolutely perfect for a game of football. Our seats were only $5 each due to it being a pre-season game, they were in the nosebleed section, but due to the stadium not being full, we ended up in good seats only about 20 rows back from the field. Though we lost, it was a great time. I am really looking forward to the Steelers game in London next month (yes, we will be there for it!!!)!!!

Arrived early to watch the teams warm up

Steeler Love

So many players....