Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Date Nights and FREAKIN' GO CARTS!!!!!!!

An off handed comment to my husband...
Me: "We should have a date night this week."
Him: "Oh yeah?"
Me: "Yeah, plan something, surprise me."

What I literally meant: "Let's go out for a happy hour somewhere, surprise me as to which day and which restaurant it will be at, an evening after work this week".
What he literally interpreted: "Plan something, anything, surprise me."

So I pick him up from work (we carpool most days of the week)....
Him: "It's date night are you ready?"
Me: "Sure, where are we going?"
Him: "It's a surprise! We have to go home and change first, but we have to hurry."
Me: "Hurry? Why? Aren't my work clothes okay?"
Him: "No, you need not a dress and closed toes shoes."
Me: "Where are we going to happy hour?!?!?!?!"
Him: "Happy hour???"


Luckily my husband is awesome and it was the BEST surprise.
GO CARTS! Indoor racing and they go FAST!


GAME ON! I am ready to go!

The Monaco track

Lined up and ready to race
It was awesome. It was fantastic. We had A TON of fun. It is totally addictive. I can't stop thinking about it. My body hurts SO bad. These little carts are for ADULT racing, meaning that they are fast and brutal. I have bruises from people spinning out and crashing into me and the seat holding me in against the g-force around the corners, my muscles ache from the death grip on the steering wheel and the holding of my body against the forces in the turns, and I have a nice hickey on my neck from where the 4-point restraint and helmet pinched together in the corners. Yes, I will need to scarves at work! This WILL be happening again.