Thursday, August 1, 2013

Paul McCartney Concert

I know, just from the title, exciting right?!??!
Adam saw him 2 years ago during one of his ventures over to Abu Dhabi and has been talking about it ever since...rating it THE BEST CONCERT HE HAS EVER BEEN TO. I married a music lover, we have been to so many amazing concerts (hello Willie Nelson live!), so these are very big words. He also vowed that if Paul ever came to the US that we would be going to the show, no matter the cost or location. It could not have been any more convenient than Washington DC than if it were in our backyard, as we love all things DC and love venturing into the city. It is funny now that I think about it, we never have hesitation or reservation about going into DC for things, but any other is off putting. Sure, we love the convenience of where we live, but actually going into the city...meh. It make me think of when we lived in Hawaii, going down into Waikiki (the overwhelming 20 minute drive that it was) was such an ordeal and we preferred to avoid that experience all together.
So a wonderful Friday evening, we escaped work a little early, and caught the Metro into the city. Yes, below you can enjoy my husband in his childlike wonder playing with his geese friends at the metro station. We stopped down on the National Mall at the Iron Horse Taproom (seriously cool place that does NOT do any food, focusing on drinks) to enjoy a decompressing happy hour followed by dinner in Chinatown.
If you are not local to the area, DC would be well worth a long weekend away or even a week long vacation, not matter what you like to do. The city is clean, well organized, super public transportation friendly, and always energetic. If you want a tour, just let us know!

Geese LOVE my husband

Eagerly anticipating our entry

View from our seats

Sold out crowd

The concert was AMAZING. Adam was completely right. Paul McCartney is 71 years old, has been doing this for 50 years, and has still got IT. He is a true showman, thrilling the crowd and giving them what they want, covering the whole stage and NEVER STOPPING. Seriously, 3 straight hours. If you are a fan of the Beatles, Wings, Paul McCartney, or just good music, you should seriously consider tickets. It is now also one of my favorite concerts ever.