Saturday, August 17, 2013

Camp: Round 2

As foretold, there was a return to Adam's family camp! When I heard that the Perseid Meteor Shower was coming, there was no doubt that we had to get far away from anywhere near our current residence...right smack in between DC and Baltimore, and all of the light pollution. I am OBSESSED with all things stars, as evidenced by this is the only thing that I would ever have tattooed on my body. Where better else to go that middle-of-nowhere Pennsylvania, where the cell reception dies, the English language changes dramatically, and beer is unbelievable cheap? To Cousins-4-Camp we go! This place is absolutely amazing in its breathtaking beauty, absolute peace and quiet, and simple "rightness in life".  Seriously, pulling into the camp driveway, the stress melts away and the calm and relaxation kicks in. The only other physical location that gives me this effect is the ocean, it is wonderful!

These year's fawns

We watch them, they watch us...a nice cycle


One of the swimming hole streams

Blackberries...time to make the mead!

ELK! You would not believe my freak out over this....

The previous freak out paled compare to seeing the baby....!!!! for $3 or less?!?!? This is nice...Benezette Hotel.

My husband's cute little hand...

It was a wonderful weekend full of stargazing, swimming hole exploring, blackberry picking, camp cleaning, people visiting, Steeler game watching, deer and elk scouting, and relaxing. I could seriously do this more often, or live like this periodically. No electricity, no running water, no traffic...nothing but nature. The beautiful solace of the woods.