Thursday, January 25, 2018

France: Paris- The Catacombs

With our lives in Abu Dhabi coming to an end towards the end of 2017, we needed to start thinking about "final trips" while we were on this side of the world. That being said, work for me for my 3 remaining months was absolutely insane, averaging 14-16 hour days, trying to get everything wrapped up and done. At the beginning of December, the way the National Day holidays fell, we were able to use a couple of vacation days and escape for an entire week. With our exhaustion, we really didn't feel like doing an "adventurous trip", but one rather to relax and be forced to do so. For that reason, we decided on Paris and Amsterdam. They are both relatively-short direct flights to/from Abu Dhabi, we have never been to them, and it was winter for Adam to enjoy some cold.

First stop, after getting checked into our hotel and the room set up, was to venture out to explore our neighborhood and find some food. We were wandering at a time between lunch and dinner, so most restaurants were closed, but we did find a shop that had a tasting room. A cheese tasting room. Adam was in his glory. And we sat down for some wine and a cheese plate.

Afterwards, we continued to explore. With it being early December and Europe, the Christmas Markets were springing to life everywhere! We had the good fortune of exploring them, and me rediscovering my love of hot wine (a.k.a Vin Chaud, Glutwein, etc.). With the temperatures hovering at the freezing mark, and my inability to produce my own heat, this became a mainstay for me the entire trip.

Yes, obviously I ordered the Big.

The melting of cheese, to top whatever you please. Adam wants one of these permanently installed anywhere we live now.

The making of Adam's cheese sandwich

The Catacombs of Paris.
They are a MUST-DO.
That being said, make sure to buy tickets ahead of time. We did not and, despite arriving 45 minutes before opening, we waited for almost 3 hours to get in.
     Was it worth it?
     Did it feel like it when we were waiting in line at freezing temperatures?
Thankfully there was a coffee shop nearby, and we took turns getting our cups refilled.

The Catacombs of Paris are fascinating. Absolutely fascinating.
Millions of bones organized beneath the streets of Paris. Incredible.
The path that we took was a mile long, and reflected only a fraction of what is actually there!